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Beauty is a state of mind.

​Fulfill your dream of affordable luxury.

The best kept secret among the rich and famous in Europe.

Julies Jewels is a European brand known to be different, exclusive and standing out for its special design and quality. Each piece is unique and numbered through a certificate. Still we want our jewelry to be affordable for everyone who can appreciate something really special.

We are considering the environment by using as much natural and endurable products as possible. Our cork bracelets come from the cork oak tree in Portugal. The tree needs to be at least 25 years old and lives for 300 years. The bark of the tree can be harvest only every 9 years and will not die. The cord that is used for our bracelets is handmade and stitched around cotton strings to make it strong, flexible and endurable. The cord is also known as cork leather and is a 100% vegan product.

The locks we use are silverplated or stainless steel.

All our bracelets come with a numbered certificate made from wood and are laser-engraved. Our stainless steel locks are engraved with the logo, unless specially asked for leaving them empty. In that case it's possible to have initials engraved.

Our leather bracelets are made from high quality endurable leather. Decorated with swarovski beads, glassbeads or stainless steel elements.

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